THE INTERVIEW – Véronique JOURDAIN, Regional Vice President ANAPLAN

What is the situation regarding gender equality in your sector?  

When I started my career, I worked in the aeronautical sector.
The proportion of women was very low. Less than 20% I think. Then I moved to the luxury sector. The proportion of women was around 99% at my level of responsibility. The higher up the hierarchy you went, the more the proportion of men increased, reaching 100% in the management committee positions.
When we look at the management committees of large companies today, we see that things are progressing, but not enough. What particularly strikes me is that women in this type of position are still very little present in areas such as operations and the supply chain.


Why does the tech industry need women? Why do women need tech?

For young girls and women who like a challenge, this is the ideal industry!
Tech is constantly changing and bringing innovation. To succeed, you need to be curious, committed, precise, persevering and good with people. These are often the qualities found in women.


Are you optimistic about equal representation of women and men in tech? 

We are still a long way from that!
In the early 1980s, the proportion of women in tech companies was higher than it is today. The fast-growing industry has attracted men and the male/female ratio has reversed in favour of men.
The sector has about 30% women. This proportion is in line with the number of young women found in science studies.
If we want the representation of women to change, we need to take action at a very early stage, from secondary school onwards.
At Anaplan, through the WIN network, our ambition is to meet female students and present our career paths to them in order to make them want to study science later on.


An inspirational quote you like to say? 

« what is essential is invisible to the eye »

Everyone know this quote from The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry in 1943. I have a great fascination for this tale, which can be read at any age and interpreted differently depending on how you look at it. More than a tale, it is a philosophical novel full of love.
In my role at Anaplan, I attach a lot of importance to what is hidden in each of us in order to understand, adapt and “demand the best from each of us”.
This sensitivity, this ability to read between the lines, to anticipate things before they happen, is an asset that from my point of view is purely feminine and helps us in our daily lives.



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