Revealing and encouraging the emergence of women with digital projects in France

Since 2012, JFD has played a key role in promoting the inclusion of women in tech. Through our events, think tank, media platform and coaching programmes, we inspire, support and connect thousands of women, enabling them to go faster and further. 

Over the years, we’ve extended our influence beyond the borders of France, with events and initiatives in several European and African countries, and more recently in Canada. We’re proud to have achieved this international reach, but we’re also aware of the importance of always focusing our efforts on the French territories.

The French territories are brimming with talent and potential in the digital field, but there are still obstacles to overcome and disparities to bridge. We firmly believe that women, in particular, have a key role to play in the digital transformation of our regions.

In partnership with Banque des Territoires, we will be stepping up our actions and strengthening our presence in the French territories.

By stepping up our efforts in the regions, in collaboration with Banque des Territoires, we aim to:

  • identify and support women entrepreneurs, innovative project leaders and emerging digital talent;
  • offer them personalised support to boost their growth;
  • put them in touch with mentors and experts who will help them to better understand the challenges they will face;
  • give them greater visibility to help them grow and succeed.


The commitment and expertise of Banque des Territoires are essential in identifying the specific needs of territories, establishing strong local partnerships and maximising the impact of our actions. 

By working together, we can create a more inclusive digital ecosystem, foster the emergence of local talent and contribute to economic development in our regions.

What role do women play in regional tech ecosystems? What is their economic and social impact? What opportunities and challenges do they face?

On 18 September, from 2pm, join regional experts, local authority representatives and female impact entrepreneurs for an afternoon of inspiring reflection and enriching exchanges, on the theme of “Impact, the driving force behind women’s entrepreneurship in the regions”

An event co-organised by JFD and Banque des Territoires.

Free registration HERE!



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