Phosphore, JFD media partner

In a constantly changing world, where challenges and opportunities are multiplying, it is essential to support young people in their quest for understanding and fulfilment. With this in mind, JFD and Phosphore magazine are joining forces to shed light on the future of young female readers.

Phosphore is a trusted companion, offering a bi-monthly rendez-vous for young people aged from 14 and above. In each issue, the magazine offers reliable answers on a wide range of subjects, from the latest news to healthcare and intimacy. However, Phosphore goes beyond this by positioning itself as an essential guide to help teenagers discover themselves, hone their critical thinking skills, choose their career path and explore emerging careers.

Partner of JFD since the launch of the Margaret Awards Junior in 2021, Phosphore encourages and supports the strengthening of the digital presence and guidance of young girls in an increasingly connected world.

This collaboration offers Phosphore’s readers a privileged opportunity to discover accessible role models of their own age, to learn about the professions of the future, digital opportunities, and the significant contributions of women in these fields.

The alliance between JFD and Phosphore supports a shared mission of education, guidance and empowerment for young girls through technology. By lighting the way to the future, this partnership is helping to shape a generation that is aware, thoughtful and ready to face the challenges of the digital world ahead.



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