Newsletter June 2024 · JFD Voices special “Athlètes de l’innovation”



With less than two months to go to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Athlete of Innovation, my second book published by Flammarion, was released on the first day of VivaTech and has received a resounding response from the press. Along with the 34 women in the book, we’re very proud of it!
It’s available from bookshops, Fnac and Amazon. Profits from sales of the book are donated to the Margaret Foundation to support the next generation of leaders: the Margaret Juniors.

Here are some pictures of the marathon launch!
From Marseille for the arrival of the Olympic flame to hand over the book to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to Paris at the Musée de La Poste with our partner La Poste Group for an exceptional evening to mark the launch, via VivaTech for book signings, we are_ on 4 June for our literary evening.

Thank you to the media! The athletes of innovation are everywhere:
La Tribune Dimanche, Challenges, Stratégies, ViveS, Be a BossBFM Business, FrenchwebAmina, Welcome To The Jungle



Almost all investment goes to companies run by men. Only a quarter of tech jobs are held by women. Only 7% of tech start-ups are founded by women, and in AI, women are represented at only 12%.

It’s about time we passed the baton!

Interconnecting the worlds of publishing, arts, creative and digital industries, sport and business, to get things moving, is also what “Athletes of Innovation” is about.

We carry on with our hearts pounding, we’re looking far ahead, we have a fabulous vision and a promising future!


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