Lombard Odier and JFD: working together towards an inclusive financial and technological future.

Lombard Odier, a global financial and asset manager, has become a partner of JFD, the international growth accelerator for women in tech. This partnership aims to strengthen the joint commitment to diversity, sustainability and innovation, fundamental values shared by both players.

For over 225 years, Lombard Odier has built its reputation as an investment house with a strong commitment to sustainable investing, successfully navigating through more than 40 financial crises and focusing on the long-term interests of its private and institutional clients.

“It is important for Lombard Odier to be in tune with its clients’ expectations and to speak the same language. Our partnership with JFD is a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to innovation and diversity. It also enables us to become more firmly rooted in the same ecosystem of women entrepreneurs and investors, for whom we have noted a growing interest in the management of their assets, unlisted shares and sustainable investments*,” emphasises Cécile Friedrich-Vuillemin, senior banker and representative of the Cercle LO Femmes at Lombard Odier Private Bank. Cécile embodies the positive vision of her sector by focusing on diversity and sustainability in line with the changing needs of her clients, while supporting the new generations.

“Lombard Odier and JFD are committed to shaping a financial and technological future that is more inclusive, sustainable and aligned with the evolving needs of all. This partnership represents a significant step forward in promoting gender equality and sustainability in the world of finance, paving the way for a positive and inspiring transformation for the entire sector,” concludes Delphine Remy-Boutang, business angel and founder of JFD and Arver.

Cécile Friedrich-Vuillemin, Senior Banker at Lombard Odier, Delphine Remy-Boutang, Founder & CEO of JFD and Edouard de Saint Pierre, Managing Director of Lombard Odier in France.

JFD thanks Jean-Pascal Porcherot, Managing Partner of the Lombard Odier Group, Edouard de Saint Pierre, Managing Director of Lombard Odier France and Cécile Friedrich-Vuillemin, private banker based in France, for their commitment to our work.


*Lombard Odier Bank study on women and investment: preparing for the future with conviction and without compromise.





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