JFD x Printemps.com: the inspirations and vision of inclusive fashion of the Printemps.com Personal Stylists

JFD asked Printemps.com’s Personal Stylists Sanäa and Vilson about their inspirations and vision of inclusive fashion.

With discretion and kindness, these experts offer for free and without obligation to buy their services by chat or by phone to help you in the most personalised way find your style.

Vilson Rocha, Printemps.com Personal Stylist

Who is your female role model or the woman you would like to meet and dress? 

I would like to meet someone far from my world, for the challenge: Britney Spears. I would love to convince her that looking stylish is more important than the pursuit of youth. Fashion speaks only to oneself and everyone is free to dress as they wish, of course, but Britney Spears is an emblematic female figure who is locked into an era. But life is made to evolve and reveal itself to oneself and this also passes by the message that we send through clothes.

How do you define inclusive fashion?

Inclusive fashion is above all fashion without barriers. It is the moment when we no longer ask ourselves the question: “is it for men, for women, for young people etc.”. It is the moment when we only retain the fact that the piece is beautiful, that we will feel at the top in it without worrying about anything else than the look! It also implies not thinking about a type of morphology: it’s beautiful, it’s for everyone so it can be for me. Inclusive fashion is also pieces that you can exchange with the person you share your life with (or not!).

How does digital technology serve inclusive fashion? 

Digital technology allows us to dare and to care less and less about categories and morphologies. We buy online what we like and we make the fitting less dramatic. In one click you can be daring, take action, receive a piece, try it on and adopt it. In this, digital allows to be the emerging reflection of the current society without barriers, just like: “I like it, I adopt it, I do not like it, it is not a big deal, I return it.”. This only involves oneself! Especially since there are services such as online personal stylists to finally take the plunge, talk about “style” and dare to be yourself, regardless of the label!


Sanän Kandoul, Printemps.com Personal Stylist

Who is your female role model or the woman you would like to meet and dress? 

Rihanna, because she has an eclectic style that has evolved with her body type throughout her career. She’s proud of her body, her shape and I think she’s the woman who most fits my beauty criteria. Plus, I’m sure I could have fun dressing her, it would be a real challenge.

How do you define inclusive fashion?

Inclusive fashion is for me fashion without limit of time, gender, style, morphology. We must be able to choose our clothes without asking ourselves any questions, or worrying about size or style. Finally, inclusive fashion goes through a diversification of the representation of women and the men on the advertising campaigns or on the Internet. It is also fashion inspired from all over the world, as we noticed during the fashion weeks, the designers draw their inspiration from various cultures and borrow and reinvent some codes.

How does digital technology serve inclusive fashion? 

Fashion has always been very elitist, it was dictated by the beauty codes and standards of society, the styles considered “marginal” were never put forward and we found mainly the same stereotype, of woman or man of size zero. Thanks to the digital era, designers are opening up and taking diversity more and more into account. We can see a change in the morphology of models, the appearance of lines for large sizes, people with disabilities. I think there is still a lot to do but I’m sure that inclusive fashion is only at its beginning and it’s good to see things changing and evolving. For example, in my work as a personal stylist for Printemps.com, I help clients feel freer to wear this or that style and to get over the body shame when it comes to talking about their body measurements.


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