JFD x 3DEXPERIENCE Lab by Dassault Systèmes

From March 28, JFD will present every month a woman entrepreneur supported by our partner Dassault Systèmes.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab by Dassault Systèmes, created in 2015, is the open innovation laboratory, whose mission is to accelerate disruptive technological projects that transform society in a positive way.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab team selects and support for a minimum of 2 years projects from entrepreneurs, innovators, and enthusiasts from all sectors (health, mobility, energy…) in the prototyping phase who need to design, model, simulate, and industrialize their products in order to successfully complete their developments.

The team does its utmost to provide concrete 3D applications and all the necessary support, both technical and business, via the 3DEXPERIENCE collaborative platform.


CATHARINA FROSTAD · CSO & co-founder Clean Sea Solutions 


Catharina H. Frostad is both Explorer and ocean tech entrepreneur with big passion for our Ocean. She works on the field and has a passion for how we can use technology to innovative solutions to develop sustainability.

Catharina finds it exciting to explore how one can use technology together with people to contribute in resolving the problem plastic waste in the sea. 







Laina Emmanuel is the CEO of BrainSightAI. She brings to the table her 14 years of experience across software engineering, international development in the healthcare space having worked with Access Health International and Clinton Health Access Initiative, and an MBA in healthcare from the Indian School of Business. Her interests lie at the intersection of science, technology and policy, and BrainSight is a happy mix of the three, addressing issues of brain health with cutting edge science and tech.



ANAÏS BARUT · CEO & Co-founder Damae Medical

A double graduate of HEC Paris and the Innovation-Entrepreneurs program of the Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Anaïs Barut is co-founder and CEO of DAMAE Medical, a medtech company developing optical imagery devices and diagnostic AI software for dermatologists. DAMAE Medical is reinventing skin scanning and thus redefining the detection, management and follow-up of skin cancers (melanoma and carcinoma) thanks to its deepLive™ solution, which allows for an accurate, fast and reliable optical examination without performing a biopsy.




Pauline EVENO · CEO & co-founder Syos

Pauline is a Centralienne Engineer and a Doctor of Acoustics, specialising in musical instruments. She is a musician and has done research at Ircam, Cité de la Musique and McGill University in Montreal. Back in France, in 2016, she decided to use the results of her research to help musicians get the sound of their dreams more easily by co-founding Syos with Maxime Carron. Since then, Syos has grown well, exporting over 85% of its production to more than 50 countries. Syos mouthpieces are played by internationally renowned artists in all styles of music and employs 12 people.



Christine GETMAN · Executive Director Magic Wheelchair

Christine has never been one to quietly suffer injustices. Thanks in part to living with SMA, she learned the value of speaking up for herself at an early age.
Between negotiating with doctors in her tween years, standing up to school officials in her teens, and confronting other people’s opinions on how she should live her adult life, Getman developed a self-assured style that is part humor, part bravado and part targeted anger.
That blend has helped Getman, 33, lead a busy life outside of Portland, Oregon, with her fiancé, Scottie Foertmeyer, three dogs, four cats, three bearded dragon lizards and a python. As the executive director of the national nonprofit organization Magic Wheelchair, she helps children with physical disabilities live out their fantasies by creating epic costumes they can enjoy from their wheelchairs.



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