A place to bring together women entrepreneurs, backbone of the African continent and the force behind this digital revolution. JFD will offer training, international events, networking, and facilitate access to financing to boost their business.

3 Lines of Action
Education - Role Model - Financing

Boosting creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Fundraising is still too much perceived as a criterion for success.

Women do not have the same means of financing as men.

Support feminist messages by presenting examples of diversity and accessible models.


To inspire and encourage women to dare, innovate and undertake.

A place to bring together women entrepreneurs, the strong link of the African continent and the engine of this digital revolution.

To offer training, events, exceptional international meetings, networking and facilitate access to financing for companies founded by women.


Train +500 women by 2024.

Launch 5 startups founded by women by 2024.

Increase the number of applications from Gabonese women/girls for les Margaret Awards.

Make digital accessible to women in rural areas.

A favorable context for opportunities for women in Gabon

Gabon is the 6th best performing country in Africa in the ICT sector and the 1st in the sub-region.

The digital sector is an important growth lever for the Gabonese economy (5% of GDP).

In 2020, with the support of UNESCO, the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and National Solidarity launched the Gabonese Women’s Decade, the objective being the empowerment of women.

JFD x SING x AFRICA OPINION survey "Tech entrepreneurship in Gabon" 2021

JFD analysed the challenges, progress and areas for improvement on the issue of gender equality in digital entrepreneurship in Gabon.

The situation is positive for women, but there are still obstacles to overcome in terms of training and financing.

« JFD Gabon is a place of innovation, a space for exchange and emulation, a powerful network that we want pan-African and pan-European. We can no longer deprive ourselves of half of the talents. We must act from early age to give birth to vocations. It is a question of equality but above all, of competitiveness. I invite all actors to mobilize in supporting and strengthening this community of women who are changing the world! »

Delphine Remy-Boutang, CEO JFD 

The inauguration of JFD Gabon on 23 March 2021 was broadcast live from Libreville by JFD, Gabon 24 and ACA TV Radio in 17 countries in Africa.

The event was followed by more than 20,000 internet users and was attended by local and international personalities.


Over 20 trainings have already been delivered with the support of Comilog coaching workshop led by Gabon 24 focused on e-reputation training and speaking in the media. >> Read more

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