Founded in 2012, JFD is the growth accelerator for women who are working to revolutionize the world through digital and tech.

An annual meeting in Europe aiming to inspire, encourage women to reveal themselves and innovate, concentrated in meetings, sharing of knowledge and experiences, JFD values the synergy of talents and initiatives by women and men who work for a better, fairer and more creative (digital) world.

Women are represented at 28% in the digital sectors while they participate in shaping the economy of tomorrow. Only 10% of startups in France are founded by women (2% in e-sport). Faced with these numbers, the JFD aims to contribute to the acceleration of the feminization of businesses in Europe and Africa, through the promotion of innovation for women.

We want to remove the expression “breaking the glass ceiling” from the vocabulary, encourage positive discrimination, opt for optimism of the will and bring out new role models, while celebrating women pioneers all around the world.

The place to be for women in Tech,
since 2012

Promotes relationships between large groups and startups to create more opportunities for development and job creation in the digital world.

Bringing together the world's major economic players around common goals for a better world thanks to new technologies.

Acts as a media springboard for women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and accelerates growth and fosters synergies between African and European entrepreneurs to build bridges between Europe and Africa.

Previous editions

  • 11th edition - 2023
    For the International Digital Women’s Day, JFD held its annual Margaret Awards ceremony in the presence of: Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Isabelle Rome, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, Virginie Morgon, JFD 2023 patron, and all the JFD partners: Eramet, La Poste Groupe, Caisse des Dépôts, Carrefour, Mastercard, Google, AXA, Printemps, Meetic, La French Tech…. In total, more than 500 decision-makers from the investment, entrepreneurial and educational world gathered to celebrate the future champions of Tech: 4 women and 2 young girls under 18 years old, from Europe and Africa, rewarded by a jury of professionals, for the excellence of their innovations, with both technological and societal impact.
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  • 10th edition - 2022
    JFD, the growth accelerator, celebrated its 10th anniversary and for this occasion brought together the European and African tech ecosystem in Paris on 8 March, International Women’s Rights Day. An exceptional anniversary edition with patron Christel Bories, CEO of Eramet, where the 10th Margaret ceremony took place, under the high patronage of the President of the French Republic. It was under the sign of hope that JFD awarded the Margaret 2022.
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  • 9th edition - 2021
    Under the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, JFD brought out a new generation of leaders on March 8, 2021, by unveiling the winners of les Margaret and les Margaret Junior awards under the patronage of Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports.
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  • 8th edition - 2020
    On March 4, 2020, the JFD brings together under the high patronage of Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the signatories and the Committee of Elders of the JFD Manifesto. 16 major players in the French and international economy were distinguished and obtained JFD Certification for their actions in favor of gender diversity in companies.

    First 100% digital edition of JFD Europe 2020, April 21 2020, sponsored by Nathalie Collin, CEO of La Poste group in charge of Digital and Communication. The event was attended by more than 12,500 spectators (10 million people reached) hosted by Marjorie Paillon, journalist and presenter of Tech 24 on France 24, Anne-Marie Rocco, major reporter Challenges, Dominique Tchimbakala, journalist and presenter of the Africa newspaper from TV5Monde as well as Fatimata Wane, journalist France 24.
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  • 7th edition - 2019
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  • 6th edition - 2018
    Creation of the Margaret Foundation to support the projects of committed women, in particular by offering scholarships and training for young women wishing to orient themselves in the fields of innovation and raise their awareness of entrepreneurship.

    “80% of women entrepreneurs have never taken any training”  (source: JFD study “Elles changent le monde, part 1.”, conducted in 2018 by JFD, Capgemini Invent and French Tech)
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  • 5th edition - 2017
    Inauguration of the phisical place of the JFD Club in presence of Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State responsible for Equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination. Club members meet every month in this 300m2 space in the heart of Paris to share and network during events and networking evenings. The club offers networking events of a new kind around an ever-changing program. Each month, exclusive events are organized: happenings, inspiring thematic meetings, exhibitions … but above all moments of discussion and relaxation.

    The JFD Club was born following the big survey of the 2016 edition of the JFD: “Digital, what new perspectives for women? », Produced by La FrenchTech and Cap Gemini Consulting. His conclusion? Digital is now seen as an opportunity and a real lever for professional emancipation for women (93%) and 74% are moving towards networking and participation in events. The club plays its full role here to help women understand the importance of the network.

    National launch of the societal movement: Les Chemises Blanches, the White Shirts. The white shirt has become the symbol of women empowerment in France.

    “Of course, women are still a minority in the startup community, but they have their place and affirm their presence. If we continue to show only male role models, we will have no chance of increasing the share of women in digital technology. To achieve balance between women and men, think affirmative action (positive discrimination). “
    Delphine Remy-Boutang
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  • 4th edition - 2016
    Launch of the JFD CLUB, supported by Delphine Ernotte, CEO France Télévisions, godmother of the Club. The JFD Club, an exclusive network of 400 digital women, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, architects of the world of tomorrow, intends to represent the plurality of the digital world, from start-ups to large groups. Resolutely turned towards the future, the club proposes to reflect and act to help build a better, more creative and egalitarian world, by valuing the initiatives of women in the digital world.
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  • 3rd edition - 2015
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  • 1st edition - 2013
    1st edition of the JFD Europe in Paris on March 8, 2013 on the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day.
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  • 2nd edition - 2014
    Launch of Margaret Awards, an urgency to create new female role models in Tech. After the Césars, the Oscars, les Margaret are a trophy rewarding each year an entrepreneur and an intrapreneure, engaged to change the world through digital. Created by the JFD in tribute to Margaret Hamilton, famous coder at MIT and pioneer of modern computing that sent the man to the Moon, the award highlights a woman in the shadows who has yet revolutionized digital. Like Margaret Hamilton, the winners are committed, inspiring women who help create a better world. Each winner of the award is like a star, added to the constellation of digital women, alongside Margaret Hamilton. After giving back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, it is time to give back to Margaret what belongs to Margaret.
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