JFD and 10,000 Coders, partners in a future where women play a central role in Africa’s digital revolution

The partnership between JFD and 10,000 Codeurs is part of a shared desire to lay the foundations for a future in which women play a central role in the digital revolution underway on the African continent.

In 2015, the 10,000 Codeurs association was created with a clear mission : to create a solid link between a digital industry in search of talent and young Africans looking for direction.
Since then, it has developed an innovative operating model aimed at positioning Africa, with its rich demographic dividend, as the driving force behind the global digital industry.

At the heart of this initiative is the “digital passport” of the “1 job in 3 steps” scheme. Supported by a dynamic network of experts, training centres, partners and sponsors, 10,000 Codeurs fulfils an essential public service mission. This mission aims to empower citizens, placing them at the heart of a virtuous system in which they become the driving force behind proposals to meet the needs of businesses and the objectives of sustainable development in the regions.

The association’s fundamental principles are to identify, guide, raise awareness, train and integrate. These steps define the pathway it offers, embodying its commitment to inclusiveness, respect for women and preservation of the environment.

In this quest for inclusion, 10,000 Coders is working with JFD. This partnership brings a new and inspiring dimension to the mission of 10,000 Coders by focusing on empowering women in the digital world.

“Every action we take resolutely embodies our vision and values. In addition to our commitment to welcoming diverse profiles, without any social, economic, religious or gender distinctions, we are firmly committed to promoting the representation of women in the digital professions. Internally, our Steering Committee is 70% female. On top of that, our objective is to support at least 50% women through our program. We have dedicated indicators, and to this day, Benin stands out with nearly 40% of supported women amongst more than 50 holders of the ‘digital passport’.” Stéphane Oba, CoPil Member and Head of Institutional Relations



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