Élodie Perthuisot, Executive Director E-Commerce, Data & Digital Transformation – Carrefour

Carrefour is once again committed to JFD. What does this engagement mean to you?

It is about working concretely for professional equality between women and men. At Carrefour, this cause is a pillar of our strategy, and we have reaffirmed it in our plan for 2026. This partnership with JFD is an opportunity to make it even more concrete, particularly in all the digital professions. For me, more personally, it is a responsibility that is close to my heart to contribute to other women taking on responsibilities in tech and digital.

What is your assessment of the proportion of women in technical jobs at Carrefour?

Things are moving in the right direction! I have some very good examples directly on my management committee, such as Valérie Legat, who heads two digital factories and the digital customer experience, or Selma Bekhechi, who heads up digital acceleration and new business for the group. And more and more women are taking up positions of responsibility in our digital areas, and doing extremely well. But there is still a long way to go…

Why does tech need women? What about women in tech?

Tech is not a world apart! The diversity of teams and ideas is what makes tech powerful, and for that you need a variety of people, women and men, with different perspectives and backgrounds. Moreover, tech is less and less a different subject, it is no longer reserved for a few geeks, tech is now at the heart of our companies and our societies: we are digitalising the customer experience, marketing, supply, legal… Women must and can play a determining role in this transformation.

An inspirational quote that you like to repeat?

I have more of a mathematical than a literary background, and numbers often inspire more than words! But I regularly use a quote from Corneille that was repeated to me very often, especially when I was in the army, which is not a very feminine place… “To conquer without peril is to triumph without glory”. It often helps me to set the ambition for myself or my teams!



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