Cedia NGOMA, Marketing & Communications Manager · GABON 24

What is the current state of gender equality in Gabon?

Through the implementation of structuring initiatives, Gabon has strengthened its commitment to its women citizens and has engaged Gabonese institutions in work to strengthen the protection and promotion of women’s rights. Faced with the persistence of unacceptable inequalities, and while the role played by women has proved to be essential, albeit weakened in the face of Covid-19, President Ali Bongo Ondimba has committed Gabon’s institutions to stepping up the protection of women’s rights by proposing historic reforms. Gabon has always considered equality to be a major issue for the development of human rights and economic progress. At the heart of the social and republican pact, gender equality was enshrined by the President of the Republic with the establishment of the Decade for Gabonese Women in 2015.

What does Gabon 24’s commitment to the JFD represent?

Through its CSR policy, in particular Axis 2, the channel is committed to supporting its partner, JFD, in highlighting all initiatives taken to promote women, female entrepreneurship, young people and the use of new technologies. We share the same values and sensitivities as our partner, which have led us to promote the Margaret Awards, which JFD organises every year to reward women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in Europe and Africa, whose projects and innovations address the major challenges facing our society.

In 2022, the winner of the Margaret Award was Ariane Akeret from Gabon, whom we supported as a media partner through various training courses.

What is Gabon 24’s policy on gender equality?

Gabon 24 advocates and ensures that men and women have access to the same opportunities for positions of responsibility within the channel and applies strict equity in terms of remuneration (basic salary). 

Our policy in terms of equality is to : 

  • Raise awareness of harassment in the workplace
  • Ensure balanced participation of women and men in decision-making; 
  • As an eco-responsible media, thanks to our gender-neutral CSR policy, we give all our staff the opportunity to train and diversify their skills. Women and men can access all kinds of professions and functions.


Are you optimistic that women and men will be equally represented in tech?

Yes, although it is difficult to provide a precise estimate of the number of years needed to achieve an equal distribution of 50% men and women in technology. It depends on many factors, such as companies’ hiring policies, initiatives to raise awareness of tech careers, education programmes and society’s general willingness to promote gender equality in tech.

Prejudices and stereotypes deeply rooted in society can limit the participation of women in technology, whether in the recruitment process or in promotions and career opportunities.

Gabon 24 has just celebrated its 7th anniversary. What can we wish you for the next 7 years?

To be an increasingly connected media. Both literally and figuratively!



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