Founder Female Techpreneur
JFD Ambassador in UK

Where does your commitment to reducing gender inequality in tech come from?

My commitment comes from my experience and the opportunity this can create for the Women and the Economy as a whole.


Why does the tech industry need women?

We need to have a balanced view and every industry needs one, and this is lacking in the Tech industry which is male dominated. Statistics say the population of women is more than men, and to tackle the digital skills gap we need to encourage more women to join the field.


Can you tell us more about the Female Techpreneur Accelerator you are hosting?

Female Techpreneur’s Startup Venture Academy takes businesses through an Accelerator program to upskill them to concept validation and progress to get into the MVP (minimum viable product) Builder phase to build a prototype to use as a basis for a pitch to investors. In the MVP Product Builder, the Female Techpreneur Network and Talent Hub will be leveraged to offer wider value and resources to deliver the MVP.

How does this work?

The Female Founder Startup Venture Academy has three start dates in 2023: March, June and September. The starting point depends on how far along your business idea is and how best Female Techpreneur can support you. We support 10 businesses across the programme and work with partners, investors and our talent hub to provide our training and services.

We are looking for female founders or aspiring founders looking to validate their tech concept, build MVP or pitch for investment in 2023.

We also connect these entrepreneurs with partners who want to meet aspiring female founders to help them learn about what life is like as an entrepreneur, key business skills or build a prototype. We’re looking for partners to deliver sessions and to be in our ecosystem to build services available to the Female Founders at the Academy: 


How can they apply?

We have a three-phase programme for female founders: Bootcamp to learn about entrepreneurship, Tech Builder to build your prototype or early-stage product and FundHer to help founders get the funding they need.

Female founders or want-to-be founders can apply to the accelerator programme on the website:

Any inspirational quote you like to say and that could motivate others to join forces and dare in empowering women in the tech industry?

If we empower women, we are empowering a Community, and this will in turn generate a better Economy.



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