"Elles changent le monde" (They change the World) by Delphine Remy-Boutang, introduces to the general public 60 women in tech who reveal themselves to inspire the next generations. Among them, the young architects of tomorrow's world that JFD has discovered over 10 years of fieldwork. This book raises awareness among the general public, and in particular among young girls, of the opportunities offered by tech and innovation, deconstructs gender stereotypes and opens up the path to success to as many people as possible.


Co-published by JFD and Women Art by Art Kids Company, “Elles changent le monde” is a dive into the worlds of these women who are changing the world in their companies, in their startups or through their initiatives. From page to page, the reader travels through Europe, Africa and Australia to meet female tech role models.

A real breath of fresh air between generations, it also presents the exceptional careers of committed women, while revealing new rising stars.

ISBN : 978-2-492644-05-4
196 pages
Price: 20€
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Delphine RB

As Sir Robinson said, to change the world, we must start by changing education.

Those who master digital tools will benefit from the digital mutation of the economy, accelerated by the economic and health crisis we are experiencing. We will have to quickly adapt education and give the future generation the desire to dare, to innovate and to become entrepreneurs, and this from a very young age. To educate by enthusiasm, to stimulate creativity, to encourage and open wide the doors of success to the greatest number.

Giving women their place means giving society a chance to succeed in its transformation. Making innovation accessible to a greater number of people means bringing out a new generation of leaders. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE for those who dare, dream and never give up.

This book is dedicated to all those who can change the world but don’t know it yet!

Bring to light role models who are relatable to all

Since 2013, JFD, the growth accelerator based in Europe and Africa, mobilizes economic actors, media, private and public organizations to accelerate the growth of the women who innovate for a better world. Faced with the rise of digital technology in all sectors of activity, a major risk is emerging: that of a world where women, 52% of humanity, would be marginalized, thus depriving the economy and society as a whole of their talents and their vision of the world.

Making accessible role models visible to as many people as possible has been one of JFD’s major levers of action for nearly 10 years. “Elles changent le monde” (They change the world) is part of a fierce desire to enable as many people as possible to succeed. 60 different stories and experiences from different countries and continents, with a common conviction: diversity must be at the service of innovation.

They are changing the world... in their companies

Exceptional stories of committed women

They are changing the world...
with their startups and through their initiatives

They will change the world!

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