CIO Mag, JFD media partner

Since 2019, JFD has been supported by CIO Mag, a pan-African bimonthly magazine dedicated to information and communication technologies, distributed in all French-speaking countries in Africa and Europe. With an editorial line focused on digital innovation as a factor in economic and social inclusion, CIO Mag gives a voice to the players who are driving the digital ecosystem forward.

JFD and CIO Mag give a voice to the women shaping the African tech ecosystem. CIO Mag’s columns, full of testimonials, interviews and reports, provide a platform for managers and directors of companies ranging from SMEs to major accounts, to gain a better understanding of their development strategies in an increasingly digitized world.

Innovation in Africa and the digital transformation of businesses and administrations are at the heart of CIO Mag’s concerns. The magazine’s pages explore best practice, innovative services and analyse how players in the public and private sectors are tackling the digital challenge, from the development of an idea to the management of change.

CIO Mag’s business is based on three interconnected pillars : editorial, events and networking. This synergy between independent axes creates a dynamic ecosystem, where each component feeds and strengthens the others.

The partnership between JFD and CIO Mag is a powerful alliance to encourage digital innovation in Africa, with a particular focus on the role of women. Together, they will open up new perspectives for change towards a more inclusive and prosperous digital future on the African continent.

“The challenges faced by women in the digital world require a high-impact commitment to diversity from Cio Mag. Our mission, as a leader in digital news in French-speaking Africa, is to play a central role in supporting initiatives aimed at technological inclusion and digital development. That’s why we’re delighted to be renewing our partnership with JFD, as we share the same goals and values.” highlights Mohamadou Diallo, CEO and founder of Cio Mag.



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