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Athletes of Innovation

Entrepreneurship is a high-level sport

In France today, almost all investment goes to companies run by men. Barely a quarter of tech jobs are held by women. Why is this so? It’s high time we did something about it.

To change people’s minds and give women their rightful place, Delphine Remy-Boutang has been keen to highlight the careers of some exceptional women, these ” Athletes of Innovation “.

This book immerses us in the adventures of around thirty women who dare, innovate and enter the business world, including Nathalie Collin, Deputy CEO of La Poste group, Clarisse Hagège, co-founder of DFNS, Nelly Chatue-Diop, founder of Ejara, and Virginie Morgon, leading international investment executive.

These portraits are a source of inspiration and emulation.

Like a top-level sport, entrepreneurship demands discipline and endurance, a competitive spirit and a mind of steel; it forces you to surpass yourself without forgetting to play as a team. But it’s not just a male sport. Women also have the power to transform society.

The women in the book are all pioneers, like Margaret Hamilton, NASA’s pioneering computer scientist, or Kathrine Switzer, who at the 1967 Boston Marathon showed the world that women are just as capable as men of taking on endurance sporting challenges and who, in the name of freedom, opened the way for women to take part in marathon races.

Publication date: 22 May 2024

Publisher: Flammarion

Author: Delphine Remy-Boutang

Preface: Sarah Ourahmoune

Artworks: Marc-Antoine Coulon

Price: €22

Profits from sales of the “Athletes of Innovation” book and Marc-Antoine Coulon’s original artwork will be donated to the Margaret Foundation to support the next generation of leaders.

Original portraits by the artist-painter Marc-Antoine Coulon

Known as one of the world’s leading fashion illustrators, Marc-Antoine Coulon works with many magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Exhibition of 34 unpublished portraits on May 22 at Musée de La Poste.

Sale of the original and unique artworks by Marc-Antoine Coulon in benefit of the Margaret Foundation.

For more information, contact jfd@thebureau.fr

Cocktail signing on May 22 at the Musée de La Poste, to mark the publication of the book “Athlètes de l’innovation”. (Private event)

Join us at Viva Technology on May 23 at 11am for a book signing of “Athlètes de l’innovation”, on the FNAC booth.